We are The Emotional Intelligence Academy, a team of social science experts, committed to pushing new research in the field and developing powerful learning opportunities.

We employ and work with leading social scientists, bringing the latest research in human behaviour to the forefront of academic and professional development.

To help further our student’s knowledge and skills we have combined the rigour of university study with practical applications from the real world. Creating a range of training programs teaching foundation skills up to degree level qualifications.

Our head office is in Manchester, UK and we have offices around the world offering a range of training and consultancy services.

Our Core Values



Adhering to standards, ensuring we act in a fair and ethical fashion.



Commitment to delivering high-quality teaching and research.



Education for all, regardless of backgrounds and philosophies.



Treating others with Respectcivility and openness.



Encouraging ingenuity, creativity and discovery.

EIA and MMU Partnership

About us

The Emotional Intelligence Academy has the pleasure of sharing a partnership with the Manchester Metropolitan University.

This assures our students get groundbreaking and practitioner focused education, with the added reputation, academic rigour and benefits offered by partnering with the Manchester Metropolitan University.

A first of its kind partnership like this reflects the high standards of both institutions and offers students access to the highest qualification programmes available in the field.

The MSc in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis is a Masters Degree of Science delivered by the Emotional Intelligence Academy, with the content, teaching and assessment governed by the Manchester Metropolitan University.

EIA Team

Aaron Garner (MSc)

Role: EIA UK.

Experience: MSc, PG Dip, MABPsych.

Skills: Emotion, Deception, Attention and Training Development.

Aaron Garner is a Director of EIA with a background in behavioural analysis – specializing in reading emotions and evaluation of truth, credibility and deception. He has significant experience in training and supporting staff at a senior level in both the public and private sectors in the field of emotional awareness, management and deception detection.

Aaron has a Masters Degree in Emotions Credibility and Deception and is one of the few people in the world who is highly skilled in Six Channel Analysis – real-time behavioural analysis in real-world applications. As a Professional Trainer, Coach and Public Speaker he has delivered engaging workshops, training, keynotes and talks to a wide range of professionals around the world.

Aaron is programme leader and supervisor for EIA’s MSc in Communication, Behaviour, and Credibility Analysis programme delivered in collaborative partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. He also designs and delivers EIA Group programmes which are designed to support real-time assessment of truth and deception, as well as increase emotional awareness. He works with the Military/Special Forces, European Intelligence Services, Venture Capitalists, Negotiators, Managers, as well as screeners and airport security personnel in the Middle East and Europe.

Aaron Garner (MSc)

Dr. Cliff Lansley

Role: EIA UK.

Experience: PhD in Emotional Intelligence, B Ed (Hons), MIOD, MABPsych, Cert Ed.

Skills: Emotional Intelligence, Deception Detection, Casual Questioning Strategies

Cliff Lansley was born in Manchester, UK in 1959. He is still based there with his wife of thirty-four years, with three children away from home and living in the region. He also spends blocks of time at a beachside retreat in Turkey. He is currently (2018) on sabbatical from EIA Group to complete a PhD by Research in Emotional Intelligence as part of his pro-bono work to get emotional skills and competencies into early-year education. He has worked as a school Governor for 26 years of an ‘Outstanding’ primary school that is now credited as a National Teaching School as a beacon operation and incubator to help develop other schools and their staff.

His first honours degree was in Education(Psychology) with the University of Manchester which he did post-experience whilst employed as a lecturer in leadership and management in higher education, following ten years in the industry. Seven years later he then returned to the private sector with a government research grant to develop competent-based approaches and diagnostic tools for leaders, managers and HR professionals under one of the companies he founded, named Development Processes Group plc (DPG), which is still leading its field in the UK as a multi-million-pound operation, with Cliff as Chairman, Director and a major Shareholder.

He retired as CEO of DPG in 2008 at the age of forty-nine to follow his passion in Emotional Intelligence(EI), driven to join the research community to help convince leaders, police, teachers, social workers, etc. that EI is not a ‘soft skill’, but a key differentiator between competent and excellence. He is motivated to draw on his experience as a successful business leader, an educationalist and a psychologist to leverage good scientific research and make a contribution to the excellent work being done by Mayer, Salovey, Caruso, Bar-On, Goleman, etc., possibly towards a new taxonomy and diagnostic methodology for EI that can stand up to the conflict and critiques across the existing models.

He founded the Emotional Intelligence Academy in 2008.

Also – Behaviour Consultant/Advisor to BBC. Behavioural Analysis Expert to ITVs “The Lying Game – Crimes that Fooled Britain”. ‘Face and Emotions’ on Channel 4 – UK. Deception and Industrial Espionage on HR-TV. “Faking it: Tears of a Crime” – Expert Behaviour Analyst – 15 criminals for Discovery Channel (2017). Keynote/Speaker/Consultant for ACFE, NISA, IBA, ABRESCE, SRI, AvSec(Rom), ECAO, ICF, ICC, CIPD, Euro Air Marshalls, GM Police, DSI(UK), Law Society, plus multiple corporate/agency conferences globally.

Cliff’s own research into EI has drawn him into working with a range of international security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies and businesses to help to integrate EI research into their approaches and skillsets. One facet of this followed the theme of ‘Getting to the Truth’, which has been published in peer review journals and in his most recent book under that title.

Dr. Cliff Lansley

Prof. Dawn Archer

Role: EIA UK.

Experience: Doctorate, Professorship.

Skills: Forensic Linguistics, Research Practice, Higher Education.

As a Professor of Pragmatics and Corpus Linguistics, Dawn Archer seeks to ensure that her work has practical applications for those whose roles require them to observe the minutiae of human behaviour; how that behaviour might “pattern” within and across different activity types and cultures; and its potential consequence for effective communication.

Dawn is particularly well known for her investigations recording (changes to) the discursive practices of the English courtroom (1640-present).

  • Her research has led to the development of pragmatic annotation schemes.
  • Involved the development of corpus linguistic tools such as the VARD (a spelling-variant detector) and a historical semantic tagger (based on Wmatrix). This work is mainly undertaken in collaboration with Drs Paul Rayson and Alistair Baron (Lancaster University).
  • Explored pragmatic/interactive features of language use – for example, speech acts, the interaction between questions and answers, facework (especially verbal aggression), and the role played by individual reality paradigms when communicating (and mis-communicating).
  • Research into the linguistic performance of emotion, credibility and deception in a range of contexts (public sector, commercial and professional).
  • May 2003 Ph.D. Linguistics. The Role of the Question in Early Modern English Trial Proceedings: A corpus-based approach. Lancaster University.
  • Sept 1998 MA (Distinction) Language Studies: Stylistics. Lancaster University.
  • Jun 1997 BA(Hons) (First Class) History and English Language. Lancaster University.
Prof. Dawn Archer

Deidre Scott (MSc)

Role: Programme Tutor

Experience: Master of Science Degree

Skills: Credibility Analysis, Emotional Intelligence


Deidre was one of the first to complete EIA’s Master of Science Degree in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis.  Her distinction level dissertation examined the subjectivity of trust (exploring bias, self-deception, pragmatics, trusting behaviour and perceptions of trustworthiness).  Her undergraduate studies focused on Neuroscience and Psychology.  She is in the initial stages of pursuing a PhD.

Additional Training
  • Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence, Harvard University
  • University Teaching, University of Hong Kong
  • Research Methods, University of London
  • Facial Action Coding System
  • Epigenetics and Generational Trauma Therapy
  • American Association of Sexual Addiction Therapy
Professional Experience

Deidre uses her skills in behavioural science to support global organisations with their business strategy, public relations and training.  Her clients include corporations, government, charitable institutions, entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare workers, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the film and television industry.


Deidre is also an artist.  By incorporating science (such as the Facial Action Coding system and colour psychology) into her art, she captures and evokes emotion in her portraits and abstract pieces.  She was commissioned to do a portrait of Shania Twain for the Caesars Palace concert finale in Las Vegas.  Her work has been showcased at private clubs, collected by notable companies from Berkshire Hathaway to The Ritz Carlton, and auctioned at galas benefiting Children’s Hospitals and Doctors without Borders.

Deidre Scott (MSc)

Harry Lansley

Role: Director

Skills: Behavioral observation, FACS coding.

My passion is taking the latest research in human behaviour and crafting it into training courses designed to provide workable knowledge and skills, fit for real-world applications.

I am certified with the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) research tool developed for the objective measurement of facial muscle movement and reached the highest level in spotting and accurately interpreting micro facial movements. I hold the Behaviour Analysis and Investigative Interviewing(BAII) Diploma and Expert Level in Micro/Subtle Expressions.

Harry Lansley

Jordan Lansley (MSc, BSc)

Role: EIA UK.

Experience: BSc (Psych), PG Dip in Emotions, Credibility and Deception, MABPsych.

Skills: Psychology, Deception Detection.

My curiosity drives me to further explore and understand the intricacies of human behaviour and interaction. Through subtle and unconscious communication channels in order to better understand others.

Director at Emotional Intelligence Academy – Providing training tools and courses for Deception Detection, Emotional Awareness, Reading, Understanding & Influencing Others.

I’d like to further develop research, training and awareness within the area of Deception Detection.

I’m currently studying towards a MSc in Communications, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis at MMU. Research projects in Investigative Interviewing and Strategic Questioning.

Jordan Lansley (MSc, BSc)

Kristina Ganea

Role: EIA UK.

Experience: Trainer and Consultant.

Skills: Corporate communications and public disclosures of financial and strategic information.

Kristina’s incredible wealth of experience in the finance world coupled with her skill and understanding of behaviour analysis and communication has made her a truly unique and valuable member of the team.

Kristina’s fantastic interpersonal skills contribute to her great ability to deliver and facilitate training programmes and consultancy work with outstanding professionalism and care.

She has experience working with equity investments in various geographies from developed markets to emerging markets of Central America and Asia. She has managed both institutional and public money through customised portfolio solutions as well as mutual funds spanning products with specific industry focus to broad-based global equity funds.

Kristina Ganea

Tiago Miranda Adegas (MSc)

Role: EIA UK.

Experience: Behaviour Analysis and Investigative Interviewing (BAII), BSc in Psychology, FACS certified.

Skills: FACS Coding, Facial Expressions Emotion Detection.

After completing his BSc in Psychology, Tiago achieved the BAII Diploma in Behavioural Analysis and Investigative Interviewing and is currently studying for is MSc in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis with EIA and MMU. In parallel with his Master’s Degree, he is also undertaking a Postgraduate degree in Criminal Profiling and Forensic Criminology.

Tiago’s passion for the criminal world has him firmly focused on studying more effective and ethical ways of interviewing individuals to seek out the truth. As an EIA intern, he has played a key role in the team. He has contributed to course development and supported research and consultancy projects. One of Tiago’s great strengths is his passion for achieving 100% customer satisfaction and is a driving force for his constant self-development and eye for detail.

Tiago is one of the few FACS certified coders out there and has applied this skill to support PhD research projects around the world. He is now also tasked with the responsibility of taking the science of behavioural analysis and communication to Schools and Universities to widen the access of these invaluable life skills.

Tiago Miranda Adegas (MSc)

Matt Lynham (BSc Hons)

Role: Technical Director

Experience: All things techy and code

Skills: Making computer go beep boop...

Matt Lynham (BSc Hons)